Dr.Ratnasekhar CH
* Scientist, CSIR-CIMAP, India (2020 to present)
* Assistant Professor, ACSIR, JNU, India
* University of Cambridge, UK (2015-2017)
* University College London, UK (2016-2018)
* Queen’s University Belfast, UK (2019-2020)
* Ph.D (Metabolomics) (2010-2014)
Cell Metabolism
Metabolomics, Proteomics
Our lab represents a very interdisciplinary research prominent in the functional analyses of various systems using systems biology approaches including metabolomics, proteomics and flux approaches. A major focus of the lab centers on answering fundamental questions of cellular metabolism under various physiological conditions using 'Omics' approaches.

” Metabolome & proteome are highly dynamic and changes in metabolism are often precede changes in phenotype. We study metabolism to understand basic biological questions using Metabolomics, Proteomics and biochemical approaches “

– Ratnasekhar

Research Interests

Interplay between Redox clock and metabolism
Plant clock
Plant metabolism